Hi, nice to see you here! Welcome.

As you probably guessed my name is Bruno Fenzl and this is my blog :)

This is my tech journal focusing on web technologies, specially frontend stuff. My goal is to save and document all the cool/weird stuff I learn along the way and hope that any of this may be useful to others.

I don't like to say I am something I do, so let's say I work on the web for a living.

My interest with computers started at a time when my friends and I would exchange games on sequences of floppy disk. When I started out, developers were called webmasters (awesome right?) and were responsible for every aspect of a website. That gave me a very broad knowledge in the many fields involved in putting a (pretty) page online.

Since then I've weared many hats; From UI/UX to Fullstack Development and a few languages in between.

Currently I work as a senior frontend developer at diva-e (awesome place to work btw.) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.